爽初の全国流通作品となる1st Album「HAKU」より
M-7 「ECHO」のMUSIC VIDEO.札幌出身の20歳、シンガーソングライター『爽』(さわ)の楽曲「ECHO」に合わせ­、イギリス出身で札幌に在住のクリエイター『Dirty Robot』がイラスト書き下ろし、全Editを行い、脆く傷つきやすい学生が一生懸­命に明日を生きる様を描く。

Dirty Robot : dirtyrobot.work(HP)

Sawa’s ECHO music video .

This song preview of ECHO is track 7 taken from her debut album HAKU, recently released nationwide in Japan.

Sawa, a 20 year old Singer and song writer from Sapporo, Japan worked with illustration artist DirtyRobot (Daniel Isles) to produce the music video for ECHO.

The story follows a girl who’s very sensitive and is struggling, after moving home to the big city. She must try her best to open up and live for tomorrow.

Story written by Sawa.
Artwork by DirtyRobot